Timberworks Toys are a great tool for developing spatial conceptualization. However, they are also useful for other curricular areas! We have created classroom activities based upon the National Standards using Timberworks Toys as a component in cross-curricular math, social studies, and language arts lesson plans.

These lesson plans and activities can also assist in providing opportunities for differentiated instruction in math, social studies, and language arts. Check out our Log Cabin Activities for ideas to integrate learning into play time. This activity involves reading, math, and history!

Also, look at our Airplane Activities for a more advanced learning experience. The child will construct an airplane with wheels, while learning fundamentals of math, milestones in history, and much more!

Check back for new ideas on classroom activities. New activities involving wagons, bridges, and cars are soon to come. Feel free to contact us for more educational ideas at any time.

We are now introducing the P-Squared Plan - a plan to protect and preserve by Timberworks Toys. This will help maintain a high standard of quality in high traffic settings - such as schools.

For even more great idea - check out, Cities by the Sea Around the World